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Morning all.. and this happened in the second week, and I thought id share.. I answered an add for a man to come and massage guys wife while he.. I was hoping that I can go past him and his wife with another man who had talked of joining observed for sex, but never had the courage to do something about it.. suggested that for a person who asks for your home and massage ( we'll call Jane ) are.. I answered and after a chat and some pictures on msn swops decided to pass, had to come very soon before they lost their nerve.. I ordered Friday night.. and went and met her, Jane opened the door and smiled nervously at me to come ask me, I met John was on hand in shok and we sat and talked a bit.. Jane said he was popping oput to change.. (She was almost jumping up and looked great length dark hair and figure shoulder queerpixels very well.. she smiled a lot and according to John, who had excited all day at that point had fingersI was so wet before.. Finnish Rabbitt she is with her. Jane returned in a bathrobe.. and asked me if I wanted go to this.. Yes, of course, a lady and I was looking for the massageing stunnign taught that great body was inspired.. She blushed, queerpixels but seemed, as it was not very easy at this time believes that his sexual queerpixels identification point south... I asked if it could be the room when you really need to be out of.. queerpixels John goes jogging in the toe, you just told me.. just go with the flo, if you like, you know.. I have a few oils that I had brought and asked me if I cared about my Cks jane strip the oil couldmake a little mess with clothes.. queerpixels not go for him, he said.. I removed it and staring eyes deliberately Str8 janes where my penis was hanging.. I was excited, but not heavy at all.. but queerpixels gave him some Grinn. eyes and saw smled ito bites her lower lip a bit.. that made me tick.. Croutch in the department I asked him tocould be for me, so I took off the robe holding her breasts and nipples showing the slightest... pills are very.. I make sure that the massage was good enough, because I really wanted to fuck Jane.. I have asked to put the pillow and told to raise their hand and put his hands under his face, allowing me to give a more complete massage.. I put some nice smelling oil on my hands and rubbed them to make sure it does not feel cold on your skin.. Gently rub.. I told him to try to relax a lot more to enjoy.. jane with a few seconds made ​​noises suggesting that already benefit from my finger back and work the top of your shoulders, I felt the Tention with every bit of the pressure you apply.. I moved to the legs disappear.. I had kept in his underwear, the view was from where I stood behind their large, I could almost see the moisture seeps slowly.. But as you gently massage your legs over your handed legs and gave me a broader view.. I could feel my cock stiffing, and I had to slow down, massaged me more.. until queerpixels he was about 3 inches away from his line of underwear.. Breathing hard and I could see John unzip queerpixels the pants come in capacities, which must have decided it would, I moved my hands closer.. moaned, 'mmmmmm it's always good.. the higher you get'.. my ticket to paradice thought that his hands and push up thye wetness of her pussy through her ​​underwear.. Rental of the press and cure hand gently on her crack... widened her legs and she was real Ly, making loud noises.. seems to me to go beyond.. Fuck it, I thought and ran my fingers under the elastic drift.. Feeling her juices on it for the first time. She was so wet.. and complained.. The finger in my pussy.. make me cum... John was moveing ​​i went and kissed her to ask if it was okay.. felt better and said it was fine.. He kissed her deeply, I could see flashing tongue on the others.. Fingering deep bending over me and my circle of language on the back of her thigh, she screamed and pulled her panties aside the hand behind.. I slip my tongue into her wet hole... felt her clitoris against his consent. Jane was sitting tryi8ng twisted head.. I see my face when I was buried between his ass chheks my tongue deep into her pussy.... I wheel my tongue as she facilitated the queerpixels ass that the upper bed appetite for more... that made ​​loud noises.. John was to get her tits.. she was almost there.. beat his own ass, as my tongue and fingers work there can be magic.. Jane was very hard.. all over my face. /... I let my tongue there and reaming where they queerpixels mix agan at the crucial moment.. the showers were heavy and pushed his body back to meet with each stroke of queerpixels the tongue.. ensureing was so deep in it, as it could get... They parted at the bed and said it was amazing fucking hel.. John had his cock and wanted to change places with me... I moved tohis face... relied looked into her eyes and said.. that was good... already had their eyes closed ont my tail, trying to escape my suitcase was... She reached out and rubbed it along.. I say stick your dick in my motuh I want it now. I left my suitcase.. and immediately took my cock.. mmmmmm, said its nice and thick... In the same John who must have entered.. She opened her mouth and began to rock gently back and fourth.. me in the eye, head bent forward and began to lick slowly and playfully at the end of the tail.. queerpixels pre semen was there and she just said.. I have all their semen before, do not just want to finish.. sucked deeper with her ​​hot mouth, she started sucking me slowly masturbates hard in her mouth... deeper than was hotter than it was.. I could not believe that this was the first time with another man.. Now she was sucking faster and faster making grunting noises John was rocking, as he lifted his cock from her... had the pace.. Grab your pus evrytimehed to masturbate my cock deeper... her eyes with a mouthful of my cock was really great.. John is that he calls WQS and took my cock from her mouth and told him to bring ur m.. Drop tail are positioned to receive his cock and luggage... masturbates furiously in his mouth he could feel that he fucks her, queerpixels cried with cuming... and faster to masturbate.. His mouth tightened around his cock... He resisted and struck a few seconds and came in his... swallowed all.. He resisted a little longer before the location near limp.. on the edge of the bed he kissed her and told her how good it was. /.. I was looking at a very wet hole... and slide a few fingers in.. it was me again... ttoally ready for whatever he had in mind, I felt... John said : fuck the cock she wants too. /.. I puled back to me, that 's ass up later.. so that I could take your dog.. I told him my dick in their leader and has.. felt hot and wet.. and put back in. slowoy. in the 7- inch.. and 6 inches in circumference greater than his companion, and he was milking professional.. We started to get a good rhythm together.. He slapped me in the ass and told me not to stop fucking queerpixels love dass. I beat your ass again... while pushing at me.. fucking bastard.. I cried Fill my pussy with your cum... I was pulling it and hit the ass, she started to cum again.... oh yess said... do not stop... make me cum.... I pumped her sweet hole for a few minutes before she shuddered again verbally, always naughty, oh yes, fuck my pussy said stretch.. I feel.... cum in my pussy wet I felt so.. cum ANDSA dont told me out.. I fucked her more... faster.. I put my bals sense.. when I heard the bomb.. let the idiots will my semen deep inside her.. and was the rooster was pumping his sperm deep feeling, holding behind her backIt's really hard... I took my semi erect cock.. to search for abotu two minutes of silence. /. immediately turned around and sucked.. I took queerpixels her tits in my hands and gently twisited nipples.. since both tested on my tail.. which was fantastic, queerpixels I said.. I had a big pussy and should not keep to themselves and have been John was so much fun... Both agreed that this would not be the last time you played.. but this was the best way for them to start their new adventure.. to come and see us soon.. ( all wore condoms penertration, but in this type of memory, to say does not go so well treated, do not open the bag and pin the damn thing.. at this time can be lost so easily rip).. Safe sex is good and makes you feel better, condoms are a pain, but hey.. Lol Live long and prosper Lord wants massage, try this one.. Give me a shout.. In about Southwest.. Delaware
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